Cabinet Maker’s Tips to Avoid Premature Wear

Do you own magnificent wooden cabinets? If you do, then you know how huge an investment they are. Not taking care of your cabinet may lead to premature refacing service. Depending on the damage, you may end up having to pay for expensive repairs.Cabinet Maker Atlanta GA

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To avoid wear on your cabinets, regular maintenance and upkeep are key. Here, you will find out the methods of keeping your cabinet looking luxurious and durable. These are some suggested tips from a cabinet maker to maintain your furniture:


Regular cleaning is important in keeping the surface dirt-free. When you let the dirt settle, it will create stains or eat up the surface. After cooking, clean your kitchen cabinet. Use a damp cloth and wipe the surfaces to remove acidic soups and other harmful chemicals.

Regular Stain Removal

There will be rare cases when you don’t notice a spot with stain. This can happen when you have to juggle different tasks in the kitchen. Get a stain remover appropriate for your a cabinet’s material. Use it before it becomes too difficult to remove.


Do you need to put down a pot on your wooden cabinet? Use a potholder or cloth to protect the surface from the heat. If you lay a hot pot on a wooden surface, it can damage it and leave marks. Purchase stainless steel potholders to prevent this from happening.


Keep the surface sanitary with a sanitizing solution. Remove bacteria and contaminants on the surface will protect it from bacterial growth. The number of produce, meat, and other items you put on top of it can affect your wood’s appearance. Keeping it clean prevents mold growth and other fungal infestation from occurring.

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